Published On: Tue, Oct 9th, 2018

Stolen, missing and damaged items reported during the last state adminstration in Guanajuato

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During the administration of Miguel Márquez Márquez, the State Government agencies suffered from all types of thefts and abuses.

From USB memory sticks, to computers, refrigerators and even cars have been reported stolen from the different state secretariats, adding for more than 400 missing items.

This information came up as a breakdown was requested for each of the dependencies by the Secretariat of Transaparency and Accountability (Secretaría de Transaparencia y Rendición de Cuentas), to calculate a number of damaged, lost or stolen objects. The list reports hundreds of missing objects.

The state agency that leads the list with the most stolen objects is the Guanajuato’s Health Department, with 202 property losses, including 38 thefts of medical equipment (including four vital signs monitors), wheelchairs, laboratory refrigerators and urine analysis equipment. Also desktops, cameras and printers, among others.

The Government Secretariat reported a total of 87 stolen or damaged objects, including 15 computers, printers, memory sticks, a fax machine, four extinguishers, water pumps and 37 official vehicles, of which 28 were declared as total loss and 9 were reported as stolen.

The Ministry of Tourism reported 17 missing items: 14 laptops, and three official vehicle license plates.

The Ministry of Public Security of Guanajuato reported 18 lost objects: 13 portable radios, three cell phones, an exposure meter and a pair of binoculars.

The Secretariat of Sustainable Development (SDES), which was led by Guillermo Romero Pacheco, reported one stolen laptop.

The Secretariats that reported zero losses are: the Secretariat of Public Works, Secretariat of Transaparency and Accountability, Secretariat of Education of Guanajuato, Secretariat of Social and Human Development, Secretariat of Finance and Administration, Ministry of Innovation and Secretariat of Agri-Food Development.


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