Published On: Wed, Jun 12th, 2019

Live Aqua San Miguel wins the Prix de Versailles award

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The Prix Versailles is responsible for awarding architectural studies that develop unique projects. Those that are worth recognizing for the visual and practical effect that it generates to those who can observe and enjoy their creations. These awards dedicated to commercial architecture have revealed the names of this year’s winners.

The award is presented at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Paris. There are different categories and it is granted by an independent jury.

The Prix de Versailles recognizes the most remarkable structures, both in terms of interior and exterior architecture. Because the Prix is ​​associated with Versailles, that symbol of world-renowned beauty and elegance not only serves as a model, but as a beacon or a driving force for quality commercial architecture.

This year, Mexico participated with different works, in the category of hotels, the structure of AoMa Estudio was one of the winners, an office that generates architecture, urban planning, interiors and furniture projects.

Proposing solutions for a useful and appropriate architecture, the Live Aqua hotel in San Miguel de Allende, which recently opened in our country, was the great award winner this year.

“With plenty of space to express themselves, Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende reinvents the hotel offer of the destination providing an experience without physical limitations: its high ceilings, arcades and patios, are an evocation of the amplitude and the wind that runs free in the Mexican Bajío.

You won’t believe it when you enter the bakery, because here the guest is greeted in front of a shop window with sugary braids, jars of jam and cups of coffee. ” This is how Arturo Torres Landa described his arrival at the award-winning hotel , the “chosen one”, elected to tell us about his stay for our façade cover in Travel+Leisure Magazine May edition.

Now you have another reason to plan a trip to San Miguel de Allende and get to know one of the world-class architectural structures that stands out worldwide by highlighting the encounter between creation, art and ergonomics.

San Miguel Times Newsroom with information from:

AoMa Estudio

Live Aqua San Miguel



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