Published On: Mon, Dec 14th, 2020

Despite health emergency, the people of León took out to the streets to celebrate

León, Guanajuato (December 13th, 2020).- After the Final match between León and Pumas ended with the victory of the local team, the people of León Guanajuato took out to the streets to celebrate the championship.

The Panzas Verdes are the new champions of the Liga MX, Mexican professional soccer league, and the emerald fans took to the streets of the city to effusively celebrate the historic eighth title of their team.

Completely forgetting about healthy distance, mouth covers, or antibacterial gel, the people of León Guanajuato took to the streets with their flags, shirts, trumpets, and horns to celebrate the championship of their team commanded by head coach Ignacio Ambriz.

The joy was stronger than the recommendations of the authorities and the sports club itself, not to go out to celebrate the championship. But people ignored all kinds of requests and took to the streets to let all of Mexico know that León FC is the new monarch of the Liga MX

The flares, the dances and the chants were stronger than the healthy distance and the risk of contagion, and thousands of people gathered in the surrounding area of the Nou Camp stadium to cheer their idols, in a long night of celebration across the Bajío region.

San Miguel Times Newsroom



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