Published On: Sun, Apr 11th, 2021

American tourist suffers second-degree burns on her face from a flamed drink in Cancun (VIDEO)

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The Cancun Civil Protection Directorate will inspect the restaurant bar “Las de Guanatos” in the Cancun bullring after the accident in which a tourist suffered second-degree burns on her face from a flaming drink.

According to the authority, their action protocols will be verified, especially since they serve drinks of this style since there is no report of the 911 emergency number.

“We have to verify if it is true that they did not provide aid, because they have an action protocol for these cases and they should have acted and called 911”.

If it is found that the due protocol was not followed, the establishment will be sanctioned with a fine that can reach up to 300 UMA (26 thousand 886 pesos) and could also be closed.

“It depends on how the staff reacted. If it was in accordance with their protocol, they will be fined because at the end of the day it is an accident and there will be a fine, but if they did not act as they have to act according to protocol,.

Local authorities will have to analyze whether a closure is appropriate “.



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