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Allende dam lily will be used to reforest San Miguel de Allende

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San Miguel de Allende- Allende dam lilly (which is considered a plague), is being used to reforest eroded areas such as Las Torres and El Salitre. This was informed by the government’s environmental department of San Miguel de Allende.

Having the goal of restoring the natural ecosystem and sprouting urban forests in the San Miguel Territory, the department for the environment and sustainability is heading a strategy called “100 thousand plants in 100 days”. This will ensure green spaces around town and restore rural areas.

According to the San Miguel de Allende municipal government, the high catchment area of the northern districts is fully eroded. The zone lacks nutrients, and moisture and this translates into the inability to produce. In this context, the water lily is a symptom of polluted water that trickles down and makes its way to the dam.

So then, the water lily is replanted so that it can feed San Miguel’s soil. It also makes great foliage for particular forest areas that already exist that are eroded today; Las Torres and El Salitre.

This way, the water lily will help re-establish a healthy ecosystem, with larger moisture levels and fertility- once moisture levels are up in the soil, polluted water will no longer be a threat for the Allende dam.

How does using water lily from the Allende dam work?

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The program “100 thousand plants in 100 days” fits in the category of urban forests or pocket forests, which consists in emulating the natural conditions so that the growth takes place within the urban areas of San Miguel de Allende.

In other words- the nutrients, moisture, and adequate radiation are provided for the species to grow to their full potential.  This, just as it occurs naturally in ecosystems such as Los Picachos, where nature fulfills its natural cycle of life.

We are providing the area with adequate levels of nutrition, moisture, and radiation in order to boost the growth of endemic species. The earth will be able to provide all of these nutrients for our trees. In the same manner, it will not only provide all the chemicals needed for an ideal scenario, but it will fertilize the soil allowing hoarding of water and filtration capabilities”, explained Environment and Sustainability program director Julio Ledesma.

He also added that the water lily aids in maintaining a stable temperature in the ground. Working “as a sunblock”, life in the area is protected against abrupt changes in temperature. Besides, it represents no risk for the environment or for human health.

So far, these are the achievements of the program “ 100 thousand plants”

As of today, we have taken advantage of 500 cubic meters of water lily for urban reforestation. In other words, 500 tons of plants are being used in these urban forests. Once the plant dries up and becomes a natural fertilizer, it provides nutrients for every green area within the San Miguel de Allende government.

In this first installment, the strategy is to intervene in 8 urban forests in the most populated areas as well as three of the campuses for mid-level education (CECyTE, CBTis 60, and CETAC) and also some public parks.

On his behalf, Julio Ledezma informed that this is all a part of the worldwide culture of conservation and takes part in global actions against climate change.

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