Published On: Sun, Jul 3rd, 2022

San Miguel celebrates “El Nigromante’s” anniversary

On June 22, a number of activities and seminars were held at what was once Ignacio Ramirez’s home on Umarán Street, a building lost to time but yet containing the spirit of the San Miguelito historic character.

Juan Ignacio Paulino Ramrez Calzada, often known as “El Nigromante,” was born in San Miguel el Grande, Guanajuato, on June 22, 1818. He was a liberal writer, poet, journalist, attorney, politician, and ideologist from Mexico.

His contributions supported the nation’s reform in the areas of economic, educational, and religious reform. President Benito Juárez merged the capital’s primary education with that of the states during his administration. In the nation’s capital, Juan Ignacio Paulino Ramirez Calzada pursued studies in both art and law.

One of the truest liberals, The Necromancer (Nigromante) contributed to the creation of the Reform Laws. President Benito Juárez appointed him Secretary of Justice and Public Instruction after the conservatives were defeated. During his term in office, he established the Public Library and consolidated secular primary education in the Federal District and in the federal territory.

The drama “An afternoon of God in the Lateran Academy” by Guillermo Prieto, directed by Jesusa Rodriguez, was given to the theater company “Las Sanmiguelitas.” This work, which also had five performances in Los Pinos in CDMX in June, has didactic goals and provides information on the life and work of “El Nigromante.”

A performance featuring music from his era was held on June 23 to mark the opening of the cultural space in the “Casa de Ignacio Ramirez.”

The University of Guanajuato and the Patronato San Miguel de Allende Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, A.C. collaborated to create this homage.

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