Published On: Wed, Sep 21st, 2022

150,000 tourists visited SMA during the National Holidays

The municipal president of San Miguel de Allende Mauricio Trejo delivered the traditional “Cry of Independence” at 11 pm on September 15th. During this event, thousands of people gathered in the main square.

For Mexico’s Independence Day, Friday, September 16, tourists and visitors shared the streets with local families to appreciate the civic-military parade. This filled the central streets of San Miguel with color with more than 2,000 participants and more than 9,000 spectators.

On Saturday, September 17th, tourists were able to appreciate the commemorative act for the 212th anniversary of the constitution of San Miguel de Allende as the first municipality of a free Mexico. 

There, a group of actors characterized as Ignacio Allende and Miguel Hidalgo emulated the appointment of Juan Aldama and other mayors as the first City Council created by the independence movement in Mexico.

San Miguel Times



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