Published On: Sat, Mar 4th, 2023

SMA security strategy for Crime Prevention involves Citizen Participation

San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.- Maintaining the guideline set by the municipal president Mauricio Trejo to strengthen prevention and work closely with the population, actions among children, youth and adults continue to be promoted by the Secretariat of Citizen Security ( SSC ). 

The idea is to reinforce the culture and environments of peace in the neighborhoods and communities of the municipality.

Through various actions carried out by the Directorate for Crime Prevention and Citizen Participation, San Miguel families have acquired tools to prevent their environment from being affected by antisocial behaviors that could end in criminal acts against them.

This security strategy is focused on proximity to people, such as the case of the ‘Prevention Fair ‘ in the San Antonio neighborhood, where children, adolescents, and parents were summoned to carry out various activities simultaneously, promoting prevention.

With the students and parents, the SSC has also carried out other dynamics, seeking to improve the safety of children and young people in their daily lives. 

In coordination with the Secretary of Education of Guanajuato ( SEG ), training talks were given to students, teachers, directors, and parents. This is to improve the coexistence of students by preventing risks of moral and physical damage as a consequence of criminal acts.

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