Published On: Thu, Jun 2nd, 2016

Mexican teachers have heads shaved by dissidents in Comitán, Chiapas

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A dissident faction of the CNTE (Mexico’s teachers union) publicly humiliated a group of school principals that were carrying a list of teachers who had attended classes so they would not be fired for absenteeism, according to the education reform which the radical group opposes.

These principals were seized by this so called member’s of the teachers union in Comitán, on Tuesday May 31, and forced to march barefoot through the main streets of this town, with signs hanging around their necks stating they were “traitors to the country”.

(Photo: El Universal)

(Photo: El Universal)

Afterwards, they were surrounded by a large crowd that laughed and mocked them as a man cut their hair with a pair of scissors until the were totally shorn. As it was clear on video, the human rights of these men and women were evidently violated in broad daylight.

(Photo: El Universal)

(Photo: El Universal)

The Secretary of Public Education, Aurelio Nuño, declared that he will personally work along with prosecutors to punish those responsible, but the fact is, perpetrators remain unpunished so far.

Manuel Vazquez Mendoza deputy secretary general of Section 7 of the National Coordinator of Education Workers CNTE, and leader of the dissident faction, appeared to defend these acts on Tuesday May 31; but as criticism mounted on Wednesday June 1, he changed his speech, now saying that actions against the school principals in Comitán were committed by what he called “government-planted infiltrators”.





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