Published On: Wed, Jul 27th, 2016

Car driver mistaken for UBER operator assaulted at Guanajuato Airport

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On July 26, Guanajuato taxi drivers mistook a motorist for an UBER operator outside the Guanajuato International Airport, and they assaulted and threatened him with knives. The person affected condemned the acts, and regretted the failure of the authorities to defend his human rights.

Tuesday morning, Emmanuel Rojas went to pick up a friend who arrived to the airport. Rojas was driving a black SUV similar to those regularly used by some UBER operators.

When he parked his vehicle in front of the airport, local taxi drivers immediately started to kick his car door and they beat him up as he got out of the black SUV. After the incident he pulled over at parking lot near by, while guarded by agents of the Federal Police.



Rojas was taken to the Public Ministry Office along with three of the agressors, who were arrested for assault.

While he was making his official declaration to the local authorities, other taxi drivers punctured his car tires with knives outside the Public Ministry Office.

After making his declaration, Emmanuel found uber-hittinghis vehicle with flat tires. He and his parents were once again threatened with knives by local taxi drivers, who fled the scene when noticed they were being recorded with a cell phone.

Gloria Ortiz, mother of Emmanuel Rojas, stated: “although we own a transport tour company, my son is not an Uber operator, he just went to pick up a friend at the airport.”

Obviously , Ortiz was upset after the situation that took place at the Guanajuato International Airport and declared: “We are in a state where people can do anything they want, even breaking the law”, it is shameful that authorities are turning their back on this situation”, what are they good for?




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