Published On: Thu, Jul 7th, 2016

Fatal accident near the Celaya exit

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The body of a 20 year old man was found laying beside the road in the exit to Celaya near La Parroquia neighborhood on July 7. His motorcycle was found next to the body.

The responsible for the death of the boy has already been arrested, the culprit, a driver of a container truck identified as “Divino N”, according to the Public Security press release.

The police agents were able to catch and stop the suspect thanks to the collaboration of a citizen who saw the vehicle fleeing the scene and heading to Alcocer road.

The accident occurred around 6:00 am, when police agents received a report about a person laying beside the road. When they arrived to verify the facts, a witness helped them to find the responsible.


Photo: news san miguel

While searching the truck, transit agents realized that the container truck had an impact in the corner, so they informed the driver “Divino N” that there was a hit and run report with the same characteristics, therefore the driver was made available to the Public Ministry.

The Ministry of Security urged drivers to respect traffic signals, not driving while drunk or tired.

Source: News San Miguel



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