Home Business “Natgas” to open 10 natural gas stations in the Bajio Region

“Natgas” to open 10 natural gas stations in the Bajio Region

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Joshua Hernández CEO of NATGAS declared to AM: “Our company will open more than 10 natural gas stations in the state of Guanajuato in the course of three years.”

“The idea is to develop the Bajio region, specifically the state of Guanajuato with new stations in León, Irapuato, and Salamanca. As a result, we lookk forward to cover the entire Central Corridor” Hernández stated.


NATGAS plans to open open new stations in León, Irapuato, and Salamanca (Photo: am.com.mx)

NATGAS began operations in Querétaro in 2013; and currently, the gas company has a penetration of 40% of the taxi fleet vehicles in that city: “Around 2,000 taxi cabs in Querétaro are currently operating with natural gas, along with 257 urban transportation buses” Hernandez said.

“Three stations are already operating in Querétaro and two stations are under construction: one in Aguascalientes and Celaya”, he continued.

Advantages of using natural gas

Hernandez explained that natural gas is more “environmentally friendly” than gasoline and LP gas, it is also safer and more economical; because it reduces up to 90% of carbon monoxide particles and produce 30% less emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).

In terms of storage and control in case of leakage, natural gas is more secure, since it is lighter, and in it dissipates in the atmosphere faster than gasoline and LP gas.


(Image: Google)

It also generates savings of over 50% compared to gasoline:

The price of natural gas is 6.50 pesos per liter (34 cents USD) while unleaded gasoline is 13.96 cents per liter (73 cents USD).

Hernandez mentioned that NatGas has 19 stations across the country. And concluded saying that there are approximately 35 million vehicles in Mexico, and only 7 thousand of them are powered by clean natural gas, in

As additional data, authorities in Mexico City and the surrounding metropolitan area, allow vehicles that are powered by natural gas to circulate everyday, because they produce 30% less carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and therefore are less polluting.

Source: http://www.am.com.mx/

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