Published On: Tue, Jul 19th, 2016

Central Corridor: 5 states and 21 municipalities with Queretaro as main axis

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The mayor of Queretaro, Marcos Aguilar emphasized that the Central Corridor project involves 21 municipalities in five different states of central Mexico:

“It is an international industrial, commercial, and service providing project, aiming to:

  • Increase economic and sustainable development
  • Attract domestic and foreign investment
  • Simplify and standardize the process of opening businesses
  • Strengthen the value chains of 21 municipalities in five states”.
Mayor Marcos Aguilar, PAN's National President Ricardo Anaya, Queretaro Governor Francisco Domínguez, and Puebla Governor Rafael Moreno (photo: el financiero).

Mayor Marcos Aguilar, PAN’s National President Ricardo Anaya, Queretaro Governor Francisco Domínguez, and Puebla Governor Rafael Moreno (photo: el financiero).


Aguilar remembered the importance to approach the tourism vocation in this state, because it represents 24.7 percent of Local Gross Domestic Product (GDP). At the end of June in the capital of Queretaro, the hotel occupancy was 57 percent, there were 558.074 visitors, which generated an economic impact of 2, 927, 000 pesos (154,000 USD).

A Tourism and International Affairs Office was also created, in order to strengthen this sector and boost the features of Queretaro as a world class travel destination.


From the preparation of the Municipal Development Plan, Marcos Aguilar’s administration has focused in five main axes for the city of Queretaro:

  • Humanitarian city (Ciudad Humana)
  • Safe city (Ciudad de Segura)
  • City development (Ciudad con Desarrollo)
  • Compact city (Ciudad Compacta)
  • Open government (Gobierno Abierto)

In that way, according to the mayor, in infrastructure and services, 54 new projects are being developed in the areas of water, drainage, electricity and urbanization, with an investment of 67, 000, 000 pesos (3.5 million USD). In addition, different actions are being carried out regarding urban image, territorial development and ecology.

In education, the investment in scholarships increased to 9,824,000 pesos (517,000 USD), and PCs were delivered to students and teachers.

Central Corridor Map

Central Corridor Map (image: google)

Talking about public safety, the proper measures were taken to ensure the security and tranquility of the population.

“The strategy is clear, we are not acting at random or by whim. Everything comes from a well-structured plan, which was proposed by the citizenship”, Marcos Aguilar said .

He emphasized the importance to maintain a good quality of life and well-being among citizens.

“We have many challenges ahead, it is true. We also have the most important tool, which is our love for Queretaro” the Mayor concluded.




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