Published On: Thu, Oct 27th, 2016

International artist Inna to film music video in San Miguel de Allende

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International singer and recording artist Inna, will be filming her new music video in the cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende, where she arrived during the afternoon hours of Wednesday October 26, after staying some days in Los Angeles, California.

Inna’s production staff has been selecting the best shooting sites around town for this video.


Mayor of San Miguel de Allende Ricardo Villarreal shared a photo on Twitter, with the Romanian Singer Inna. (Image: Twitter /

This information was confirmed by fan clubs in different Mexican states, who published on social networks that the first city the singer would be visiting on her trip to Mexico would be San Miguel de Allende.

Besides, Inna’s staff, makeup artists and hairdressers also confirmed their presence in San Miguel by posting selfies on Facebook and Instagram.

According to statements by Inna’s production team, most of the main scenes for this video will be taped in the downtown area on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 October.



In that sense, one of the members of Inna’s crew, Adonis Enache, known as her personal stylist, uploaded photos on social media featuring the streets of San Miguel de Allende. However, the Romanian singer herself has not shared any images of her arrival in SMA until now.

Adonis Enache in SMA (Facebook)

Adonis Enache in SMA (Facebook)

The filming will take place during the morning and afternoon hours, around the most important areas of the city. Unofficial rumors say Inna will give a private performance in one of the most exclusive hotels in the city.

Additionally, on Saturday November 19, Inna will feature the main event at the “Magical Night of the Balloon Festival” (Noche Mágica de el Festival del Globo) in León Guanajuato, and she will be performng in the state of Oaxaca afterwards.




Inna (Google)




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