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Stand in Solidarity with our Mexican Neighbors: Against Racism and Xenophobia

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Vigil – Monday October 31st  7pm  on the evening of Halloween Come to the Jardin!

 As US citizens in Mexico, we are gravely concerned with the racism, sexism and xenophobia so prominent in the current US Election campaign.  In particular we deplore the scapegoating of Mexicans and Mexico by Donald Trump.  His deplorable rants do not represent the values we and most USians hold.  And it is an insult to our neighbors here in Mexico who have so warmly welcomed us to their country.

 Join concerned US Citizens in San Miguel, including Center for Global Justice and Democrats Abroad, and good people from other countries in standing up for tolerance and understanding by repudiating the outrageous rhetoric that has stained the electoral process and the relationship between our countries. Join us in supporting the tearing down of walls and the building of bridges between neighbors.

Come to the Jardin on October 31, on the evening of Halloween, to assemble peacefully at 7pm in an expression of solidarity with our Mexican Neighbors.  Bring your own sign to carry (In Spanish if possible).  Bring a Mexican friend to stand beside you.  Bring your commitment to a more human world.


Trump’s Piñata (Google)

Donald Trump has called Latinos killers, criminals and rapists. He blames blacks and Mexicans for violent crime across the United States.  He has said that he will build a wall across the border to keep Mexicans out of the US and deport millions of immigrants. He regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist and misogynist.

He has found an audience with an active minority of US citizens who are upset with the country’s economic and political systems. Adolph Hitler was successful in achieving power in Germany in the early 1930’s by the same kind of evil rhetoric.  Many Germans remained silent to the Nazi speeches and actions and soon lost the ability to stop the Nazis from achieving power.  We must take a strong stand against this rhetoric today.


Remember, for evil to triumph, it is only necessary for good people to do nothing.


Halloween Vigil-Monday October 31st  7pm  Jardin

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