Published On: Thu, Sep 15th, 2016

President Peña Nieto up for a sad ‘cry’ this independence day

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According to Fox News Latino, there are lots of reasons to believe this year will mark a sad grito de independencia (cry of independence) in Mexico City’s Zócalo.

As we all know, political cartoon is an illustration published online or in a newspaper or magazine that attempts to make a point about a political event or situation.

Comics culture in Mexico is far from being a modern phenomenon. There is a big tradition in political cartoon in our country that goes all the way back to the XIX Century and the times of the Mexican Revolution, at the beginning of the XX Century. 

As a result of government repression, the political cartoon (“caricatura política”) practically became the only means of free expression in those days; and it has endured over time and still in force in the XXI century. 

The image shows Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto lying in bed, fearfully anticipating an angry mob donning the hashtag #RenunciaYa – Resign Now. Titled “El Otro Grito” (“The Other Cry”), the political cartoon published on Wednesday’s Mexico City newspaper Reforma seemed truer than many.

President Peña Nieto was looking forward to his Thursday night address to the country with a higher level of anxiety than usual.

Traditionally, September 15th marks the evening before Mexico celebrates its Independence Day. The date usually provides presidents an opportunity to bask in the patriotic passion of their citizens as they appear on the balcony of Mexico City’s presidential palace to deliver the traditional “Cry of Independence,” joined by the crowd in a fervent “¡Viva México!”

But to Peña Nieto, this year’s grito came with yet another public-relations headache looming on the horizon, barely two weeks after a visit of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made him the target of a nationwide fury and mockery.

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