Published On: Thu, Sep 15th, 2016

Prowling jaguar captured in León, Guanajuato

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A jaguar was captured by Civil Protection agents in collaboration with a specialized team integrated by veterinarians from the municipality of León, Guanajuato.

On Tuesday, September 13, this animal escaped while it was being transported in a cage that accidentally fell off a vehicle on the Silao-León highway. Incredibly, the truck driver did not even notice and continued his way.

Several people reported seeing the animal wandering across a vacant lot near the Technological University of León and the High Specialty Hospital, where students took photos, which were uploaded on social networks.



The specimen was found on Wednesday, Sep. 14, hiding in the bushes at the San Carlos community, behind the Federal Preventive Police building, in the outskirts of the city.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Public Security of León, the search operation lasted more than 20 hours, and the feline was finally captured at 11:00 am, on Wednesday September 14, by a group of Civil Protection agents and veterinarians who shot the animal with a tranquilizer gun, sedating it temporarily in order to catch it safe and sound.

Fortunately, this potentially dangeorus wild cat, did not attack or injured anybody.

The jaguar was taken in good health to the León Zoo, where it will be kept in captivity.






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