Published On: Mon, Dec 5th, 2016

New generation of police officers graduate in San Miguel de Allende

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SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, Gto.- The first generation of Police transit authority and security officers trained during the current administration, in San Miguel de Allende, graduated on Monday December 5.

A total of 27 new law enforcement agents joined the Secretariat of Public Security.

Mayor Ricardo Villarreal, along with Gonzalo González, Secretary of City Hall; council officials Gerardo Arteaga, Luz Maria Gutiérrez and Manuel Rosas, member of the Security Commission; as well as Ricardo Benavides, head of the Corporation and Samuel Mercadillo, director of Transit attended the ceremony and congratulated the new graduates.


Promotion Ceremony (Photo:

 “After much effort, these cadets become the first generation of graduates under the current administration. It is the first time that a local municipal government bets on the training and specialization of our own police force,” said Benavides.

The graduates were 17 cadets for the Security Police and 10 for the Transit department.

Additionally, the commission promoted 17 officers: 12 as third class policemen, two as second class policemen, and 3 more as first class policemen.

Also, three “911 Emergency Services” officers were recognized for their ongoing training.




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