Published On: Thu, Dec 1st, 2016

Nativities exhibition at the Querétaro’s Museum of Sacred Art

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This Thursday, December 1st, a “Nativities” exhibition will open its doors at the Querétaro’s Museum of Sacred Art, aiming to enrich the Querétaro’s society in an atmosphere of Christian values ​​during the holidays.

Martín Lara Becerril, vicar of the Querétaro’s Diocese, said: “this is the first occasion, in which an exhibition of this category will be displayed in this sacred space; and therefore we are inviting society in general and educational institutions to approach this Christmas’ display, and be a part of several activities full of traditions and spiritual culture”.

He recalled that: “the Nativity is originated in the biblical accounts of evangelicals, especially St. Luke and St. Matthew, who narrated the birth of Jesus; where Mary, Joseph and the Child were the only in the place, however, this tradition was enriched over time with different experiences”.


The Querétaro’s Museum of Sacred Art will display impressive Nativities. (Photo: Miriam Martínez)

The vicar continued: “St. Francis of Assis projected this tradition to the world, in a decisive way, as most people know it today. He was the one who added some farm animals to the Nativity, and throughout the years, other characters were added, such as the three kings and the peasants.

Lara Becerril urged all Catholics not to leave aside this healthy tradition, which motivates the congregation of the family in their own homes.

In another order of ideas, the vicar announced that this coming Saturday December 3, a charity event will take place with the feature presentation of the “Amalia Hernandez” Folkloric Ballet, at the “Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez” auditorium.




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