Published On: Wed, Mar 8th, 2017

Thousands of San Miguel residents enjoyed an unforgettable Family Day

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Family Day in San Miguel de Allende featured several activities for all family members, from babies to senior citizens on Sunday March 4th.

The Municipal System for the Integral Development of the Family (Sistema Municipal para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia: DIF) along with other administrative departments from the municipal government participated in this celebration. According to, 6 thousand San Miguel residents showed up at the sports unit (Unidad deportiva) for this event, which purpose was to promote family integration based on coexistence and quality time.

Ricardo Villarreal, Mayor of San Miguel, accompanied by his wife, Emilia Vega de Villarreal and his two daughters, walked around the place and visited each and every one of the 36 stands.


In an unforgettable atmosphere, activities included zumba, dancing, wrestling competitions, photography sessions, games like snakes and ladders (serpientes y escaleras), handcrafts, storytelling workshops, theatrical plays, rallies, clowns, mechanical bulls, giant bubbles, swimming pools, zip lining, foam slide, a labyrinth and even a health fair, among others.

During the protocol act, Villarreal Garcia emphasized: “This is not a one-day celebration, this is an everyday task that needs to be encouraged, because the family is the fundamental core of our society”.

A soccer game between “Club Cachorros de Guanajuato” (people with visual impairment) and “Deportivo San Miguel de Allende” (amputees), kicked off the event. And after the game, the mayor thanked all attendees for their participation and enormous effort.

The largest pavillion was in charge of the State Secretariat of Public Security, Municipal Transit and Civil Protection, where several activities such as living with a disability and preventing drunk driving were carried out, in order to create awareness among the local population.

Besides mayor Villarreal and his family, Juan José Álvarez Brunel, Local Deputy; Pavel Hernández, City Council Trustee; Luz María Gutiérrez, Rubén González, Patricia Villa and Agustina Morales municipal officials; and Gonzalo González, Secretary of the City Council, attended this celebration.





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