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A fairy tale wedding in San Miguel de Allende

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Alexandra Macon, Vogue.com contributor who loves chic weddings and is always on the lookout for couples to feature in the site’s Living section and also on her personal blog, Over the Moon, brings us a wonderful wedding that took place in the most magic wedding destination in México: San Miguel de Allende.

Interior designer Georgie Hambright and marketing and communications manager Bradley Tipper, whose last name happens to be his nickname, were introduced through mutual friends at a charity event in New York City. “My business partner was dating and is now married to the cousin of one of Tipper’s good friends from college, who was dating and is now married to one of his best friends from high school. Are you still following?” jokes Georgie. “Anyway, through this elaborate web of connections, friends on both sides thought we should meet.” How they would actually make each other’s acquaintance was the tricky part. Normally a very outgoing and social person, Tipper was overwhelmed by the idea of being set up. After an initial attempt failed due to Tipper’s stubbornness, their friends continued to conspire ways for them to get together. Eventually, they settled on inviting both to attend a Young Audiences New York charity event that a mutual friend was involved in organizing.


(Photo: vogue.com)

While Tipper’s friends led him to believe that he was attending any other fundraiser, Georgie’s business partner, Jen, started laying the groundwork a few weeks in advance. “On the day of the event, she kept pestering me about what I was going to wear that night,” remembers Georgie. “I sensed something was up, and she finally confessed to the plan. After all of that work getting us to meet, the connection between us ended up being instant.”

“I will never forget seeing Georgie walk into the party in a bright pink dress,” says Tipper. “She had an unmistakable glow, and I was immediately struck by how beautiful she was. We exchanged smiles the moment she entered the event. She was the prettiest girl in the room, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.” Georgie confidently introduced herself, knowing that Tipper might be too shy to say something. “I was completely oblivious to the setup, which allowed me to be natural and not try too hard,” remembers Tipper.


(Photo: vogue.com)

At the end of the night, in an attempt to get a few moments with Georgie alone, Tipper flagged down a cab for Jen. “When I looked back, I saw that Georgie had already jumped in a cab, too—her head was sticking out the window and she was waving goodbye,” says Tipper. “I’d missed my chance to get her number. Luckily, my friends were there to save the day yet again, and I was able to track her down and set a date for later that week. We’ve been inseparable ever since.”

After dating for two and a half years, the couple got engaged in Nantucket in the fall of 2016. “While I grew up in Texas, Tipper spent his early years living in several states across the Northeast. The one constant in his life was the fact that his family always spent summers in Nantucket, where they’d had a home for generations. It was always the place he called home,” explains Georgie. “Even before our meeting, I had fallen in love with Nantucket. This only intensified after learning Tipper shared the same love.”


(Photo: vogue.com)

“When it came time for the proposal, Nantucket was the only choice,” says Tipper. “I always like pulling off little surprises for Georgie, and the proposal was going to be my biggest yet. We had just moved in together, and I had convinced her that we should head there to sort through a storage unit that my family had that was full of furniture that we might want to bring back to New York for our new apartment. I picked Columbus Day weekend in October. In my mind, she would never expect a proposal coming in October when the island had begun to shut down for the season. The night before the proposal, we went out to dinner with one of my close friends from high school who lives on the island. My friend—aware of the real reason that I’d brought Georgie to Nantucket that weekend—invited us to Brant Point the next morning to go scalloping in the Sound. I knew that I wanted to propose by the lighthouse on Brant Point, but I also knew that it would be a challenge to get Georgie out of bed and over there early enough in the morning before the crowds of dog walkers and fisherman, so fabricating a plan of scalloping worked well. The next morning we made the short walk over toward Brant Point to go ‘scalloping.’ Georgie, who self-admittedly is not much of a morning person, was too tired to really understand what was going on. Scallops, in October, shortly after sunrise? Sure!”

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