Published On: Mon, Apr 10th, 2017

San Miguel de Allende strengthens a close collaboration with several NGOs

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San Miguel de Allende — “A leader is characterized by discipline, determination and dedication… However, in this digital era, also necessary is the immediacy, which forces persons to lead with humility, great human quality and sense of humor,” said Maria de los Ángeles Treviño, Vamos México Foundation member and coach.

More than 50 representatives of non-governmental organizations met in San Miguel de Allende, as part of the call made by the Municipal Directorate of NGO’s and Care for Foreigners, led by Theresa Guerrero Armendariz de Kavanagh.

The talk “Leadership and collaboration” was the main theme in this meeting; where through dynamics, the coach made clear that a new leader must take everything positive, stop seeing problems and start seeing opportunities in each crisis.



However, she emphasized: “The leader would have to observe himself with the goal of learning, living and enjoying the life first and afterwards he or she would manage people successfully”.

Meanwhile, Mary Carmen González, Coordinator of Strengthening Social Organizations at the “Vamos México Foundation”, explained that in Guanajuato there are more than 800 non-governmental associations, placing this state on second.

Finally, San Miguel de Allende is considered the city with a large number of associations per capita throughout México. In that sense, for this city is really important working hand by hand with the established NGOs here.




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