Published On: Wed, Jul 28th, 2021

First shipments with humanitarian aid from Mexico set sail for Cuba

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MEXICO, (July 28, 2021).- This week, Mexico, will send medical supplies and humanitarian aid to Cuba. The first shipment, José María Morelos II, set sail on Monday, July 26, bound for Cuba at 8:00 p.m., with 100 million barrels of diesel, which will serve to supply energy to hospitals on the island.

At 10 am this Tuesday, the multipurpose ship Arm Libertador Bal-02 set sail, and tomorrow between 11 am and 12 noon the Amphibious Warship Arm Papaloapan A-411 will set sail, with medical equipment such as syringes, oxygen tanks type T, 9,500, and face masks, to attend the health emergency. The boats are also loaded with supplies such as powdered milk, beans, wheat flour, cans of tuna and edible oil.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations indicated that the government of Mexico, as part of its work in Celac, has developed, together with the member countries, multiple international cooperation actions for development in favor of the member countries of the Latin American region and the Caribbean.

Within the framework of the Basic Agreement for Development Cooperation between the Mexican and Cuban governments, this Agency carries out International Cooperation and Humanitarian Assistance actions in favor of the island nation to help mitigate the effects generated by Covid-19, according to a statement.

“The foregoing, in congruence with the policy of the Mexican government of international solidarity to support the Cuban people in the face of the social, economic and health situation they are currently experiencing and, considering the needs of the Cuban hospital system,” the statement says.



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