Published On: Wed, May 3rd, 2017

Guanajuato reveals major hospitality expansion for this year

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In an interview with Milenio noticias, Juan Pablo Franco, Guanajuato’s Association of Hotels and Motels President, declared that at least seventeen new hotels will open their doors in the state of Guanajuato during this year; and added that two of those new hosting centers will be opening in the state capital, maintaining positive figures in that industry.

During a meeting with local entrepreneurs along with the state government, national and international investors informed that there are currently seventeen new hotel projects ongoing statewide, which will be probably large complexes and will start operating this year or the next in the state industrial corridor.

Meanwhile, a new hotel located on historic “Plaza la Paz” is just about to open its doors in the city of Guanajuato, and another one will also start operations in the area known as “Alonso” in a couple of months.

“150 hotels are currently operating in the city of Guanajuato, which represents 3,600 rooms. While in San Miguel de Allende, we are looking at a similar figure”, informed the leader of the local hoteliers.

“The Guanajuato’s association of Hotels and Motels is made up of 65 members; the third part of the total number of hotels in the city, the association has about 2,300 rooms”.


Historic Town of Guanajuato city (Photo:

“The hotel infrastructure in the state capital has shown a moderate growth, but it has been constant. In fact, so far this year a new hotel called the Rector’s House has just started operations and “Plaza de la Paz” will be opening its doors soon”, Franco continued.

“It should be noted that hostels, located mostly in the historical heritage zone, are supporting and complementing this important sector. However, we don’t have the exact information on how many properties provide this kind of service to national and foreign tourists, and therefore, we need to work on that urgently”, he added.

“Even though the number of hosting centers is constantly growing, it is not enough for the large number of visitors who arrive to this beautiful city every weekend”.

“On the other hand, we have asked the Tourism Directorate that the hostels must fulfill municipal requirements in order to provide services with high quality”, Juan Pablo Franco concluded.




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