Published On: Wed, May 31st, 2017

Street vendors to be removed from the Alameda park in Querétaro

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“Street vendors members of the civic organization “Felipe Carrillo Puerto”  will not come back to the Alameda, Hidalgo” said Francisco Domínguez Servién, Governor of Querétaro, when he was questioned about the resolution of the Court in Administrative and Labor Matters.

In an interview, the state official said: “If the members of this organization return, they will only be able to stay there for a six month period, according to the resolution issued by federal authorities, and then they will have to get out of that location for good”.

“In addition, this action is justified considering that “La Alameda” is an intangible heritage of all Querétaro’s residents”, he continued.

“Legally, we are talking about a period of six months, and as governor I am sure that the best for the people of Queretaro is to keep street vendors from returning to La Alameda, ” he said.


Governor Francisco Serivién (Photo:


Domínguez Servién added: “we already discussed this matter with the mayor, Marcos Aguilar Vega, who recommended to sit and negotiate with the merchants in order to relocate them elsewhere, but emphasizing that La Alameda is not an option”.

“We need to initiate conversations with the merchant’s organization in order to provide them with a place where they will able to offer their products”, indicated the official.

On Sunday May 28, dozens of demonstrators expressed their dissatisfaction with the eventual reinstallation of the merchants who were evicted from this site in 2016.




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