Published On: Thu, May 25th, 2017

Ten trees cut down on Guanajuato highway

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GUANAJUATO, Gto — The Municipal Directorate of Ecology and Environment authorized the company “Movimientos Industriales de la Construcción”: to cut down, prune and transplant dozens of trees in order to build an expansion of the Yerbabuena-Puentecillas highway.

“So far, the company has cut down 10 out of 67 trees located on that highway, pruning 19 and transplanting 30. It should be noted that this company presented an ecological study that allegedly justifies this activity. Therefore, our department issued a resolution which allows this company to cut the trees down, as long as they fulfill the legal requirements”, said Director Humberto Villalobos Enríquez.

The resolution was notified to those responsible of public works on May 12, making reference to the trees located along the “Yerbabuena-Puentecillas” road. This resolution conditions the company to cut only 10 trees, transplant other 30 and prune 19, so far three of them have already been transplanted,” the official explained.

Villalobos added: “The Company must carry out the works during a period of nine months starting on the 12 of May. Not one day more, and the construction company will compensate those trees with others that will be planted in different places in order to repair the ecological damage”.

“In case that the transplanted specimens do not adapt to the change, the company must plant the same number of trees as well”, he explained.


(Photo: Periódico Correo)

“A compensation of 200 lemon, apple, lime and peach fruit trees will be handled to be delivered to the Parks and Gardens Area of ​​the Directorate of Ecology and Environment” Villalobos continued.

Finally, the official pointed out that his department will ensure that all trees remain healthy, and the construction company, as technical responsible for the transplantation and prunning, should consult specialists to determine proper care of these important trees and avoid any further damage.




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