Published On: Sat, Apr 22nd, 2017

USUI starts operations in Puerto Interior, impacting Guanajuato’s economy

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At the inauguration of the USUI International Manufacturing Mexico plant in Guanajuato Puerto Interior (Silao), Governor Miguel Márquez highlighted that, during the current administration, 224 projects have been developed in Querétaro with an investment of $ 10.4 billion USD.

The Japanese company see great opportunities here, that is why they chose Guanajuato to open their tenth production base in the world and third one in North America, these investments have generated more than 75,000 direct and indirect jobs.




“USUI International Manufacturing has more than 70 years of experience producing pipes for cars and a great business capacity to support Guanajuato’s economy, they decided to settle in our state and benefit the economy of the local families”, he said.

“Today, with an investment of eight million dollars, they inaugurate their new production plant where brake pipe systems for transporting fuel and other fluids in the automotive industry will be assembled” said the Governor.

USUI International Manufacturing will take advantage of our strategic geographical location and of the fact that most of their clients are settled in the Bajio region, such as the Mazda’s plant, not to mention the competitive labor costs and the technical expertise in the automotive sector, among other factors.




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