Published On: Tue, May 8th, 2018

Thinking of retiring in SMA? Check out this article posted on the Wall Street Journal

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Ann Mauze, Wall Street Journal collaborator, says that living in San Miguel has given her an appreciation for the outstanding creativity and diligence of so many hardworking Mexicans.

Lots of people want to retire to a beach. My husband, George, and I gave up the Jersey Shore for the Mexican interior 12 years ago, and we haven’t looked back.

When friends asked us why we were moving to San Miguel de Allende, high on a desert mountain plain three hours north of Mexico City, it was easy to summarize: perfect weather, lots of cultural offerings, outstanding restaurants and a comfortable, gracious lifestyle. The lower cost of living was also part of our decision, though some of those savings are offset by inflation.

Discover the Pleasures of Strolling Colonial San Miguel de Allende (Photo: International Living)

Discover the Pleasures of Strolling Colonial San Miguel de Allende (Photo: International Living)

But perhaps the biggest reason was that after each of the three winters that we rented here temporarily to see how we liked it, we spent the balance of those years yearning to return. And the magnetic pull was stronger every time.

This hilly city of Spanish colonial masterpieces and cobblestone streets is recognized as a Unesco World Heritage site for its beautiful architecture and its history. Known as a colony for art, it is also where Mexico’s war of independence from Spain began, an event the city celebrates each September with breathtaking fervor. Fiestas are frequent throughout the year here, accompanied by music, dancing, parades and volleys of fireworks.

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Source: Wall Street Journal



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