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San Francisco del Rincón peaceful and beautiful town in Guanajuato

San Francisco del Rincón is a city and municipality in the western part of the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. The city serves as the municipal seat for the municipality of San Francisco del Rincón.

San Francisco del Rincón lies in the valley of the upper Turbio River, an extension of the agricultural district known as the Bajío, at an elevation of 5,781 feet (1,762 metres above sea level).

Although primarily an agricultural centre trading in corn (maize), beans, wheat, and truck crops (notably fruits), the city has some industry.

Straw hats, rebozos (shawls), flour, and chicle are the principal products. A highway leads northeast to León.

San Francisco del Rincón (Google)

San Francisco del Rincón (Google)

The settlement was founded as San Francisco del Tule on January 21, 1607 by a group of families of the Purépecha and Otomi ethnicities. It was declared a villa (town) on September 6, 1865 and a city on March 27, 1867.

The construction of the church of San Francisco de Asís began in 1694, and the works concluded almost 90 years later, in 1783. However, the main tower was added in the XIX Century .

Church of San Francisco de Asis (Google)

Church of San Francisco de Asis (Google)

Around 1875 the construction of the old Municipal Palace began, which was demolished in 1904 to give way to the one we see today, whose project and direction was entrusted to the prestigious English architect Louis Long, who was previously in charge of the elegant and functional “Porfirio Diaz” marketplace project, inaugurated in 1895 and destroyed in the 1970’s, to give way to a Civic Center.

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