Published On: Tue, Jan 16th, 2018

Universities of Querétaro with professional liaison in four strategic axes

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“Queretaro is second in the national ranking of Science and Technology companies investment”, said the rector of the Technological University of Querétaro (UTEQ) José Carlos Arredondo Velazquez.

He said that the state is recognized as an important hub for science and technology, because it boasts important research centers and individual investors have confidence in these institutions.

“Many international companies have invested in strong projects, Querétaro is third place at national level in high impact research centers, resulting in strong investment projects,” he said.

He said that Querétaro as a scientific and technological community, has established links with the research centers of Juriquilla, Conacyt, those of the UAQ and even private centers.

Arredondo Velazquez informed that the technology sector is linked with universities in four strategic axes:

  1. Aeronautics
  2. Automotive industry
  3. Information technologies
  4. Plastic injection

“We have highly qualified human capital, we have shared research views, we have developed joint projects and finally with the support of Conacyt and Concyteq we have positioned very relevant projects internationally” he continued.

Universities of Querétaro with professional links in four strategic axes (Photo: Diario de Querétaro)

Universities of Querétaro with professional links in four strategic axes (Photo: Diario de Querétaro)

Arredondo Velázquez, stated that with all these efforts in science and technology infrastructure Querétaro is creating a value chain along with Conacyteq, promoting initiatives in elementary and secondary schools, so the local universities can search for high school students to collaborate with College students in different projects.

He also said that although there is a lot of interest in technology and science in our country, only 30 percent of the student population is studying engineering careers, while most students want to get degrees in the business and administrative sectors.

The UTEQ Rector pointed out that for international standards, the pyramid is still inverted, and there is a need to make more efforts so the students, besides achieving a college degree in science and technology, go for postgraduate diplomas, not only in Queretaro but abroad.




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