Published On: Thu, Mar 15th, 2018

Man with visual impairment hits tourist by accident and gets arrested in Guanajuato

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A man with a visual disability was consigned to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, for assaulting a tourist with a cane, in Guanajuato’s downtown Historic Center. The alleged assailant was arrested at the scene by police officers and the injured was taken to the hospital.

The visually impaired was having an argument with a street musician in the Plaza de la Paz, the first tried to attack the musician with his cane, but due to his visual impairment, he failed and hit a tourist instead.

The incident took place on Wednesday March 14 around noon, right in front of the Basilica of Guanajuato, where Miguel “El Ciego” sits everyday to beg, when a street musician nicknamed “El Quirino” passed by and both began to argue, when Miguel tried to hit him with his cane, and at that exact moment a tourist was passing by the place, and he received the cane in the face.

blindman hits tourist

Jesus is the name of the unfortunate tourist, a native of the State of Mexico, who fell to the ground with blood on his face.

Municipal police agents arrived on site, arrested Miguel and “El Quirino“, and Miguel ended up being consigned to the Public Ministry for injuries.

For his personal part of the Directorate of Municipal Tourism was responsible for entering the injured to a private medical center where he received medical attention.




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