Published On: Sat, May 26th, 2018

At least eleven bodies bagged were found in Salamanca

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Salamanca .- At least eleven bodies, presumably dismembered, were located inside plastic bags in four different points of the municipality, apparently all of them would be related to organized crime.

The first 911 call was recieved at 7:50 in the morning when it was reported that on the road from Cerro Gordo to Zapote de Palomas, there was a person apparently killed on the side of the road.

Then, local authorities were informed of another dead person on the road from Santa Rita to Godoy.

Later on, another report was received, of a dead body on Miguel Yañez street in Colonia Insurgentes 1.

And finally, on the road from El Pitayo community to Colonia Barlovento other bodies were found.



Local authorities found six plastic bags with human remains in Cerro Gordo. A man executed in Santa Rita. Another dead body was located on the way to El Pitayo. While five more black plastic bags with human remains were found on Salamanca’s Calle Miguel Yañez.

In at least two of these crime scenes messages from criminal groups were left. It was also presumed initially that there could be eleven bodies scattered in different sectors of the municipality.

All the scenes were cordoned off and according to the ministerial police investigators, these executions could have been commited simultaneously.

Salamanca is 88 kilometers (54 miles) southwest of SMA (Google)

Salamanca is 88 kilometers (54 miles) southwest of SMA (Google)




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