Published On: Tue, Sep 4th, 2018

“Perro Parque” was inaugurated in León with the presence of “The Dog Whisperer”

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The barking of dozens of dogs framed the opening of the “Perro Parque” of the León Zoo, in the presence of “The Dog Whisperer” César Millán, (“El Encantador de Perros“), who highlighted that this space, the largest in the country for dog recreation, represents the love that Mexicans have for their pets.

“This shows the world that we Mexicans not only open our hearts to human beings, but also to animals” said Millán.

The world famous dog trainer burst out laughing, applauded the creation of the theme park, observed the dynamics of the canine binomial of the K-9 Group of the Municipal Police of León and, to the applause of the assistants, he walked in a sled with wheels pulled by 5 Huskies.

He said he was excited because he never imagined that Mexico would adopt a dog park, that most people would express their love for them, because he grew up in Culiacán, Sinaloa, watching dogs on the rooftops, and stray dogs all over the place. ”

Millán cut the inaugural ribbon together with León mayor Héctor López Santillana and the president of the Board of the Zoo, Francisco Muñoz López, surrounded by dogs of different breeds, among them Golden Retriever, San Bernardo, German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Labradorian, Bull Terrier, Bull Dog, Husky and more.



The “Perro Parque” was created on an area of ​​2.5 hectares that includes “agilities”, rest area, jogging track, wading pool, artificial lake, training areas, veterinary service and green areas. In this project, the municipal government invested a little more than two million pesos, contributed by the Board of the Zoo and the private sector.

The mayor stressed that the place is the reflection of a society “where no one is discriminated”.

“An event like this helps us to recover respect, recover the integration of society, our community and ourselves, and thus develop as a community that lives in harmony” said the mayor.

The president of the Zoological Park of Leon mentioned: “We promote the approach with nature and respect for all living beings, because more than a park, it is a social need to raise awareness of the importance of taking good care of all animals”.

Starting on Wednesday, September 5, dog lovers can exercise, get distracted and work in the training and enrichment of their pets, in a safe, comfortable, natural and well equipped space. The cost of entry will be 10 pesos and the requirement is to bring your dog with the cooresponding up to date vaccination card.




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