Published On: Wed, Sep 19th, 2018

San Miguel de Allende: UBER’s ‘gold mine’ in Guanajuato

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San Miguel de Allende, is UBER’s ‘jewel of the crown’ in the state of Guanajuato. 60% of trips in the city are made by foreigners and the city has the best average hourly earnings in the region.

“It is a market especially beneficial for the driving partners, as it stands out for its service to tourism”, declared Saúl Crespo, communication manager of the platform in Mexico.

“Almost three years after his arrival in Guanajuato, Uber directly generates 10,600 economic opportunities and helps mobilize more than 768,000 people statewide,” he added.

The platform, he said, has become one of the economic engines of the state, benefiting 14 percent of the population, including driving partners and users in León, Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Salamanca, Celaya and Irapuato.

He explained that when UBER arrived in the state, they had an unemployment rate of 4.9%, that is, more than 114,000 unemployed Guanajuatenses, while currently the rate is 3.5%, which shows a reduction of 1.4 points.

“We are very proud to be part of the development of the state and see positive results and the trust of Mexicans, Guanajuato and tourists on our platform. Guanajuato has two of the most productive cities in the region, eight out of ten vehicles in León and Celaya are constantly traveling. ”

Additionally, Saúl Crespo said that Uber has helped thousands of foreigners move through cities such as León, Celaya and San Miguel de Allende, with important peaks in Independence Day, Christmas and Easter holidays.

“The expectation for the company is to continue growing and supporting those who are in trouble with the Mobility Directorate, while the injunctions are resolved and the legislation is defined”, he continued.

On the other hand, Crespo disengaged Uber from the excessive increase of ‘pirate’ executive cars in the city and in general in the state of Guanajuato. “The local authority is responsible for regulating those who do not comply with the law”, he concluded.

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