Published On: Tue, Dec 4th, 2018

Central American migrants confront municipal police in Tijuana

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Tijuana, Baja California.- On Monday December 4, there was a confrontation between Central American migrants and agents of the Tijuana Municipal Police outside the Benito Juárez Sports Unit, where some of the members of the Migrant Caravan are still staying.

According to Uniradio Informa, between 40 and 50 Central Americans tried to prevent agents from arresting a Mexican-American woman who was disrupting the public order. In the confrontation, the migrants threw bottles and other items to the police officers.

tijuana unidad deportiva

Municipal police reported that they intended to detain the woman because she began to disrupt the public order by calling the migrants who boarded a bus that would transfer them to the new shelter in El Barretal “traitors”.

When the officers tried to get the female into the patrol car, after she assaulted one of them, the Central Americans surrounded the vehicle and the confrontation began. Minutes later, reinforcement arrived on site.

It should be noted that the municipal agents were in the area asking the Central Americans to withdraw from the surroundings of the Sports Unit, since they can no longer stay there overnight.

They were even told that the bus that was waiting for them was the last one  to transport them to El Barretal.

However, the migrants refuse to go to the new shelter and preferred to stay on the public road in front of the Sports Unit. According to Tijuana residents, foul smells are perceived in the place.

Source: The Baja Post



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