Published On: Sat, Dec 29th, 2018

Roma’s Yalitza Aparicio among The New York Times’ best actors of 2018

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Roma, by Alfonso Cuarón, turned Yalitza Aparicio’s life around. The first-time actress has now been included in The New York Times’ best actors of 2018 for her role in the Mexican filmmaker’s autobiographical film.

The newspaper from the United States claimed that, in making this year’s list, they realized that women outnumbered men. At first they thought about leveling the balance, but then they figured that female “rage” was a powerful force in modern society and that it should not be ignored.

The New York Times pointed out that cinema had always portrayed domestic workers as marginal people who served as a comic relief or moral support for other characters who were more privileged. However, Roma has managed to revert said tradition, placing Cleo (the main character) at the center of the story.

The article deemed the Mexican actor Yalitza Aparicio “the screen discovery of 2018,” emphasizing that she had been working as a teacher before auditioning to play Cleo.

Other actresses such as Julia Roberts, Regina Hall, Glenn Close, and Elsie Fisher were also included in The New York Times’ list.

After her brilliant performance in Roma, Yalitza has been acclaimed by several journals and audiences around the world. She was also featured in Mexico’s edition of Vogue, conquering the hearts of thousands of people who have asked her for autographs in the United States and Canada..



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