Published On: Mon, Jan 21st, 2019

AMLO applauds efforts by Diego Sinhue to bring import fuel to the state of Guanajuato

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that if the state governments, as in the case of Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo in Guanajuato, manage to convince those who have permits to import petroleum or petrochemical hydrocarbons, they could help solve the shortage problem.

“There is a regulation, but if the governors help to convince those who have import permits to bring gasoline or diesel from abroad, that would help to restore the supply  in Guanajuato and throughout the country in a much more effective manner,” AMLO said.

Meanwhile, the governor of Jalisco Enrique Alfaro said that one of these companies that has an import permit is already transferring gasoline to Jalisco and that there were approximately 1,400 permits throughout the country to carry out this activity.




“Today they informed me, it has to be verified, that one of these companies that has the import permit is already taking fuel to Jalisco, a company with an import permit, then it can be done, there is no impediment,” Alfaro said.

The state governor added that he agrees with the participation of individuals in the issue of exporting gasoline if Petróleos Mexicanos PEMEX does not want to provide its infrastructure to store and distribute the fuel.

On the other hand, AMLO said that there are no losses in business due to gasoline shortages. The president assured that there are no losses due to lack of fuel, that there is no crisis in Guanajuato, nor other states.

“There are no losses, on the contrary, thieves are no longer stealing fuel and therefore more economic resources are coming into the public treasury, which represents an increase of 8 or 10% in federal participations, and that results in more resources for the municipalities, states, and the federation, ” AMLO concluded.

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