Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2019

Cases of homicide increase in Guanajuato during 2019

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Although the rates of violence and insecurity in Guanajuato reached their historic peak in 2018, the criminal incidence maintains its growing trend at the start of this year, with 631 homicides on the first two months.

The new record of crimes in Guanajuato implies a growth of 447 percent in the last five years (in 2014, there were only 113 victims); and an increase of 39 percent compared to the 446 people killed in the same period last year.

The breakdown of cases focuses attention on three municipalities of the industrial corridor, which alone accounted for 245 murders: Irapuato (93), Valle de Santiago (52) and Salamanca (100), of adjacent territories and the latter headquarters of the Ing Refinery Antonio M. Amor

Although Leon recorded 79 deadly attacks, its murder rate is lower compared to the rest of the demarcations due to the size of its population.


After Salamanca closed the first two months of this 2019, with 100 murders, the president of the Business Coordinating Council of Salamanca (CCES), Raymundo Gómez García, called on all levels of government to stop this wave of violence that plagues this municipality .

 “We need to redouble efforts because the situation is out of control,” he said.

 Gómez García added that these figures are alarming, 100 people killed in two months in Salamanca, is something never before seen in the region.


The former Executive Secretary of the National Public Security System, Juan Miguel Alcántara Soria, considered that the state’s violence and delinquency will not stop until there is a strategy of containment by the municipalities and the State against fuel theft.

He explained that although fuel theft is being controlled, criminal groups are moving to extortion, kidnapping, car theft and there is a more violent dispute over what remains of the fuel theft business, that according to Alcantara’s statementes, “comes from inside Pemex”. 

He explained that violence has increased in the last three years by 65 percent in this Military Region, for the dispute of huachicol and this is notorious in municipalities like Salamanca.

Alcantarae concluded saying that cooperation between Municipal State and Federal Governments is vital to solve this problem.

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