Published On: Wed, May 29th, 2019

Guanajuatense Matteo conquers Paris Hilton thanks to his three-legged dog

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César is the name of the dog that changed the life of Matteo Saucedo Frías, he found him almost dying, about to lose a leg, so he decided to save the dog’s life and since then he continued with a career in animal rescue.

From 2013 to date, the man from Acambaro Guanajuato has rescued more than 200 dogs in terrible conditions, most of them in the south of the country and for this reason it was recognized that the week passes through an important organization in the United States of which the Hilton sisters are benefactors, along with other American celebrities.

In 2012 he left Acámbaro, insecurity and violence made him leave his city and opted for Playa del Carmen to live, where he could develop his talent as a painter.

In 2013 he met his destiny, his name: César, a street dog without pedigree and without owner, who was thrown away to die in a vacant lot.

Lying among debris and garbage, Cesar had a rotten leg, he had received a blow with a machete, the bone was visible, Matteo happened to pass by, he saw Cesar and decided to help him. At that time he did not devote himself to animal rescue yet, but he felt compassion for the poor animal.

He took it to the vet, the dog lost a leg, but gained a friend, after a bath Matteo took him home. He became Matteo’s companion and also the protagonist of his paintings. Matteo learned that his passion was helping animals.

Each dog that he finds, he names, and then he gets them a home. Most of those rescued dogs have ended up with loving families in the United States and Canada.

Matteo has sent more than 90 dogs to Canada, many of them have lost their legs or faced cancer, born with malformations, dogs abandoned by their families and even assaulted by their owners. This is how Matteo founded the “Riviera Rescue Organization”.

Last week the young man was recognized at the charity gala of the organization Animal Haven, which has famous benefactors including the sisters Paris and Nicky Hilton.

Matteo took his altruistic heart to the state of Quintana Roo and he is now recognized for his deeds outside Mexico, but he never loses the hope of returning and joining to help the animals of Guanajuato.

Because he wants to transmit that compassion for animals that transform his life, and as César (the three legged dog) changed him, he would love to change many other people’s lives.

San Miguel Times Newsroom with information from AM



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