Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2019

Witches and Crosses Walking Tours

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May is the month of the cross in San Miguel, and it’s filled with processions and fiestas honoring our oldest crosses. Join TripAdvisor’s top ranked walking tour guide and Amazon’s best-selling author of the San Miguel de Allende Secrets book series on a tour Friday morning at 9:30 to enjoy discovering…..

 Why San Miguel is the center for the Cult of the Cross and witchcraft thanks to
the 1531 Battle of the Barbarians.
 Why being the geographic center of the Americas places us on a gateway to the
afterlife and some really odd weather.
 Why witches stopped flying over SMA with the arrival of golf.
 Where, why and how witches worship around town.
 Details on Friday’s, and upcoming, processions and fiestas.
 What the ever-present double cross means.

Plus of slew of other stories on the indigenous and Spanish roots to modern traditions that make our history and culture more feminine than you’ll find in other places. The walking is flat with places to sit along the way. The cost is 500 pesos per person, or 25 USD, whatever is easier for you.

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