Published On: Sat, Jan 11th, 2020

Guanajuato congressman surprised to see hammocks at Campeche IMSS clinic

“The people of the Yucatan Peninsula … are born, grow, reproduce and die in a hammock,” Mexican federal congressman Emmanuel Reyes Carmona wrote on a Facebook post.

This publication was posted after a working tour, during which the representative from Guanajuato visited the IMSS clinic in Hecelchakan, Campeche, where instead of beds they have hammocks for patients in the process of delivery.

This program is not new, it was used more than 20 years and was re-taken by the Hecelchakan IMSS clinic since 2017. Back then, the images of women who had just given birth, holding their babies sitting in hammocks went viral on social networks.

In fact, the legislator also shared some of these photos on his Facebook page.

The hammock program is part of an intercultural approach to health care in Maya communities of the Yucatan Peninsula, that has been applied with excellent results in this, and other clinics.

San Miguel Times Newsroom



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