Published On: Fri, Jul 31st, 2020

5 Benefits of Early Retirement in Mexico

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Achieving an early retirement means having the discipline to live within your means, make prudent investments and aggressively save money, but the benefits of that smart money management are profound.

Here are 5 benefits of early retirement you may not have considered:

1. You will find new passions and interests – Retiring at a younger age means you will have the energy & health to travel, learn new sports and skills, or take on new projects.

2. Saving money becomes easier – Early retirement means the freedom to be able to travel during off season or take advantage of last minute travel deals. Having more time means you can really research to find the best bargains on goods and services. And you can save money on entertainment by visiting attractions and events during off-peak hours.

3. You will likely be healthier – Not being stuck behind a desk, having more time to exercise and a reduced stress level all lead to increased health and vitality.

4. You’ll make new friends – Retirement living, particularly being part of an expat community like those found in Mexico, leads to a whole new social circle of people that have the time to enjoy weekday activities.

5. Exploring new work possibilities – Many early retirees find part time work that they love, both paid and unpaid. For example, many that retire in Mexico enjoy teaching English either as a paid instructor or as a volunteer for a charitable organization.

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