Published On: Sat, Apr 24th, 2021

Prohibition ends in San Miguel

Prohibition ends in San Miguel, so wineries and grocery stores will now be able to sell alcohol on Saturdays and Sundays.

The dry law had been maintained throughout the year and the prohibition prevented the sale from Friday at 5:00 in the afternoon, until 12:00 on Monday.

However, this Friday, the local government decided to lift the ban to boost the economy “the restriction on the sale of alcoholic beverages in closed containers is lifted, so they will be able to operate as authorized in their licenses,” says the document signed by the acting mayor Gonzalo González.

The provision takes effect as of Friday, April 23; in other words, this weekend there will no longer be restrictions on selling alcohol on Saturday and Sunday.

The dry law had been implemented as a preventive measure against infections from the pandemic. The idea was to avoid meetings in private homes, which was where there had been an increase in infections by Covid 19.



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