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Calle Montes de Oca is back to its original state

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After he became president-elect, Mauricio Trejo published the five actions with which he would start his administration. Although, four are still pending; the first, which was to return Montes de Oca street to its original state, was completed. 

Five actions, cobbled street

In February of this year, the image of Calle Montes de Oca began to change. It was closed to vehicular traffic, as it was said that the slope represented a danger for cars. The street, which later became known as a new hotel was being built, would have steps, fountains, and flower pots. The work was left halfway after the Guanajuato Delegation of the National Institute of Anthropology and History canceled the work. 

“The steep slope of this road represented a risk for pedestrians, as well as for those who traveled by vehicle through this place, for which the Directorate of Historic Center and Heritage endorsed that the passage to vehicles is restricted and that it be adapted for the pedestrian use. 

The remodeling works consist of a corridor with walkways and squares for pedestrian use in the section that goes from its intersection with Camino Real to Querétaro towards the west to number 25, ”the administration said at the time. 

Later, when Mauricio Trejo won the presidency, in a video via social networks he commented on the five actions he would take after protesting. The actions went as follows:

Give the council a proposal to lower the property. The commission will be formed so that before the end of the year, the reduction will begin. There will also be a commission to review and resolve the “improper water charges suffered by San Miguel residents.” 

The Parque Juárez patronage will disappear, and that space will once again be in charge of the municipal government. Another action is that to “immediately stop the construction of the subdivisions with illegal water feasibility. Those who do not guarantee their supply will not go back to work ”. 

The actions also included the appointment of the director of Public Security, so that from the 10th he would initiate plans to live without fear. “The good times must return from the first day of my government. I want you to have the certainty and security that I will not rest for a single minute until all of San Miguel lives without fear ”. 

Another action, which has already been completed, was to open Montes de Oca Street, so that it would once again be “one of the most photographed streets”. With backhoe loaders he appeared on the street on October 12, and they began to demolish what had been built. He assured that the work of resurfacing and returning to its originality would be ready in 48 hours, and that is how it happened. 

Mauricio Trejo also wants to build two sports centers that would operate through scholarships. These would have free-swimming pools, teaching and effects. Fitness room with 110 devices. Group classroom with 120 options to jump or dance: and both buildings with experienced and trained staff.

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