Published On: Wed, May 4th, 2022

He’s real and he is Mexican: Meet the Batman Lawyer of Aguascalientes

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One would think that a lawyer or an attorney is a person with a serious appearance wearing a tie and a suit… until you come across the “Batman lawyer”: a Mexican lawyer who uses the logo and colors of the “knight of the night” to defend his clients.

This story does not take place in the underworld of Gotham City, but in Aguascalientes, where the lawyer is well known among the citizens for his work and his peculiar style in court.

Although it is not about Bruce Wayne (or Bruno Díaz, for the Mexicans), Juan Ángel José Lincón Dávalos announces himself with the colors, symbols, and style of Batman.

It is even known that Batman is part of his publicity and official stationery, in which he also makes it clear that he is not improvised, although his style is quite bizarre.

Lincón Dávalos is a lawyer specializing in criminal and family law; and he has a team of experts in his fight against the “Jokers”, “Penguins” and other villains, a little more real, of course.

The “Batman lawyer” offers advice on Criminal Matters to victims of crimes and detainees.

In social networks, the discovery of “Licenciado Batman” caused a furor and many memes:

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