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Discover Atarjea, a Hidden Treasure in the Sierra Gorda of Guanajuato

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Atarjea is one of the most beautiful little-known municipalities in the state of Guanajuato.

Atarjea, Guanajuato.- One of the little-known municipalities and one of the most remote from the state of Guanajuato , is Atarjea , a place of beautiful and innumerable landscapes, as it is located entirely in the Sierra Gorda, far from all hustle and bustle and great serenity.

Historical data indicate that Atarjea was founded in 1539 by Don Alejo de Guzmán, with Don Luis de Velasco being Viceroy of New Spain. This foundation was due to the existence of mineral deposits in the place.

Atarjea is adjacent to the North, with the state of San Luis Potosí, to the East and South, with the state of Querétaro and to the West with the municipality of Xichú.

Atarjea, Guanajuato, is located entirely in the Sierra Gorda. Photo: Enrique Pérez

One of the illustrative data of importance is that, due to its remoteness from the municipality and its difficult access, the community had remained in a state of isolation that, to a certain extent, impeded its progress.

Well, even in the year 1936, the Atarjenses authorities still sent writings addressed to the Governor in turn, with the heading ‘Intendant of Guanajuato’, remaining immersed in the viceregal era, since apparently for the authorities there was no Independence, no Reform, no Revolution.

Tourist attractions of Atarjea, Guanajuato

Because Atarjea is located in the Sierra Gorda, you can enjoy unique landscapes and high-altitude hills such as; El Blanco, El Carricillo, Lagunilla, Tecolote, Greñudo, El Águila, Divisadero, Mesa de la Torre and El Pino.

In the same sense, among the must-see places to visit are; the Chapel of the Ex Hacienda de Charcas , located downstream after the main access to the municipality, a hacienda full of history, since in its beginnings it supplied corn and beans to the closest communities, this, in its heyday at the beginning of the last century.

Another of the unmissable destinations is the ‘Peñita’, a small chapel with an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe found in a stone, becoming a religious enclosure, where every year on December 12 about 4 thousand migrants attend to return to thank.

Likewise, there is ‘Puerto de Carricillo’, a place full of pine trees where ecotourism could be a great option for locals, highlighting that it is intended to soon become a holiday center with cabins, zip lines, horses among other attractions. .

In the same sense, you can visit the ‘ Palacio de Herrera ‘, also known as La Casa del Águila or La Casa de los Perros, a colonial construction from the 18th century and made in baroque style, among other destinations and places.

Atarjea, Guanajuato, is located entirely in the Sierra Gorda. Photo: Enrique Pérez

Gastronomy and typical dishes of Atarjea, Guanajuato

However, Atarjea also offers a wide variety of gastronomic dishes such as onion soup, as there are different points to delight the most demanding palates, with the local market being the first place to visit to eat.

Well, you can find typical dishes of the region, from guisado tacos to enchiladas, with ‘Tarasca’ soup being the typical dish of the municipality made with beans, tortilla and chili.

However, one of the places with the greatest tradition for breakfast is the Fonda de Toño, where you can enjoy chilaquiles, enchiladas, eggs rancheros,

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