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Viatura Omūn: The ultimate glamping experience in San Miguel de Allende

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Located on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende, is Omūn, a glamping site to enjoy nature, comfort and reconnect with yourself.

No lens or filter will be able to capture or highlight beauty in the same way that the eyes perceive it in the semi-desert landscape where Viatura Omūn is located, a glamping site located inside a vineyard on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende. , which we visited a few days ago and with which we fell in love.

Glamping Viatura Omun en San Miguel de Allende
Viatura Omūn San Miguel de Allende, (Raymundo Zamarripa / QUIÉN )

Viatura Omūn: A glamping you can’t miss just minutes away from San Miguel

If you are one of those people who love natural settings, enjoy hiking through picturesque terrain, horseback riding, and camping to enjoy the unparalleled spectacle of a sunset surrounded by nature, but you don’t like to sacrifice the comfort of a bed, a bath with hot water and excellent service, then Viatura Omūn San Miguel de Allende is the ideal destination for you.

The tranquility that is felt on the grounds of this glamping site, as well as its facilities, the gastronomic offer (the drinks!) and the variety of experiences that the hosts have prepared for the guests turn your stay into the perfect opportunity to free your senses. while you connect with nature and with yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Glamping Viatura Omun en San Miguel de Allende
Viatura Omūn San Miguel de Allende, (Raymundo Zamarripa / QUIÉN )

Destination: Viatura Omūn San Miguel de Allende

We left Mexico City on Wednesday morning heading to La Venta, a small town on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende to visit Viatura Omūn, a resort under the glamping concept, made up of tents from South Africa of different sizes and fully equipped, whose olive green fabrics blend in with the vegetation characteristic of the semi-desert climate, on a 200-hectare plot of land where there is a vineyard, lavender plantations and olive trees through which you can walk, ride a bike, or go horseback.

The first thing we thought when we arrived was that we were in a movie set after the journey from CDMX to this point in the state of Guanajuato. And after the trip, which was most enjoyable due to the good conversation with Juan José, our driver, we were ready to star in a western or a summer story.

Glamping Viatura Omun en San Miguel de Allende
Viatura Omūn San Miguel de Allende (Raymundo Zamarripa / QUIÉN )

By feeling the heat and the rays of the Sun on our skin, our eyes begin to assimilate the spaciousness of the place and the symbiotic design (so to speak) of the facilities and tents, where stone walls built by hand predominate, the cobbled stone paths and many wooden details that coexist in harmony with the Huizache trees, cacti, thorns and other typical plants of the region.

We have two and a half days ahead of us full of dynamic and relaxing activities that, from the beginning, make us think that we will have a pleasant stay. However, that first idea is enriched by discovering new details of the place and being received with the warmth of the staff who are responsible for making us feel wonderful at all times.

With the concept of glamping, the idea of camping has taken on a glamorous meaning (hence the term). The concept brings together the possibility of enjoying the luxury of a grand tourism hotel with the essence of being in contact with the elements of nature; a sunrise, the flight of an eagle, or the profile of a ravine carved by the passage of time, all of these in the same property.

Before concluding your stay at Viatura Omūn, don’t forget to take a morning hike along one of the routes that run through the terrain. Nothing more invigorating than walking along the hill, observing the vegetation and appreciating the landscape while we chat with Paco, the director of the place, who tells us about the plans they have to expand this project in the short and medium term.

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