Published On: Fri, Jul 8th, 2016

Overnight horseback riding excursions in SMA

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The most complete way to experience the canyon both by day and night is to do this overnight adventure. It includes the visit to the ranch, milking and cheese-making, the horseback riding excursion and free time to explore the canyon, as in the half-day and full day rides, but also swimming, cattle-herding, roping lessons and night & early morning rides.

This horseback trail riding excursion gives us enough time to take a midnight ride all the way to a neighboring village, where you can stock up on some essentials, or pick up a good tequila to help keep the stories flowing around the campfire.


(Photo: Coyote Canyon)


(Photo: Coyote Canyon)

For the more extreme riders, this horseback trail riding excursion also includes a section where you can gallop or even race at full speed through the darkness!

Of course that part is optional and not recommended for the faint of heart, although it is actually very safe as horses have excellent night vision, and both the horses and your guides know by heart every twist and turn of the trails we ride on.

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Source: Coyote Canyon



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