Published On: Thu, Sep 8th, 2016

Italian company “Olsa Group” opens new facility in Querétaro

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The Italian company “Olsa Group”, a specialist in automotive lighting systems, opened a new factory in Querétaro with a total investment of 30 million USD. This new facility is generating at least 623 direct and indirect jobs.

The construction and operation formally began on July 2016, as part of “phase one”. However, they are projecting a “phase two”, expecting to open new facilities around the year 2021, generating more sources of employment, with an amount of 4,000 employees.



Querétaro has received diverse investments from different countries in the automotive, aeronautical, pharmaceutical, and suppliers industries. And Italy is ranked sixth among Foreign Direct Investment, with 58 companies and a 3.8-percent of participation in the gross domestic product.

In conclusion, the automotive industry along Querétaro represents a total of 49,500 direct and indirect jobs with a value of 44 billion pesos (2.3 billion USD) per year in production.




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