Published On: Fri, Nov 4th, 2016

45 African immigrants stranded at Apaseo El Grande, Guanajuato

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45 African immigrants who were traveling to Tijuana, seeking political asylum in the United States, got stranded in the municipality of “Apaseo El Grande”, Guanajuato, when their bus broke down.

Since Monday October 31, these nomad travelers are temporarily living inside the bus, which is parked on the side of the Celaya-Querétaro highway, according to official information provided by Municipal Authorities.

According to testimonies from the migrants themselves, the group is awaiting the arrival of another bus that will take them to their final destination on the Mexico – U.S. border.



The Chief of Public Security of Apaseo El Grande, Jesus Salgado Martinez declared that by Saturday November 5, these people will able to continue their trip to the U.S, with the support of Civil Protection and Fire Department personnel , and he emphasized they are traveling legally across Mexican territory.

Salgado Martínez said: “We received a call to the 911 emergency system, providing information of a broken down bus with African people on the Celaya-Queretaro highway”.

“Immediately, Police officers arrived on the scene, and confirmed these people carry all the legal documents stating that they are legally transiting across Mexico in direction of Tijuana”.



Municipal DIF staff, provided food and beverages and Medical personnel from the Federal Roads and Bridges provided medical care to the African immigrants, but they were all found in good health.

Authorities of Celaya and Apaseo El Grande and the Red Cross offered shelter to the migrants, but they did not accept.

“In coordination with the Mexican Red Cross delegation in Celaya, it is possible to offer migrants shelter, food and a decent stay in Celaya, while another bus comes to pick them up, however, they declined this proposal,” said Salgado Martinez.

African migrants stranded in Guanajuato (Photo:

African migrants stranded in Guanajuato (Photo:




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